Why Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles Work with Metropolitan Property Services

11 Jun Why Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles Work with Metropolitan Property Services

Today we are explaining why a real estate agent would hand off property management responsibilities to us when they depend on their clients for future business. We consider ourselves an extension of the agent, and we provide the same level of high caliber service and personal attention.

There is no danger that we’ll steal any relationships away from an agent. At Metropolitan Property Services, we are not a sales organization. We are a licensed brokerage company, but we focus on management. That’s our business. We do not do sales. So when an agent refers clients to us, there is no fear that in two or four years, when their client is ready to sell, that business goes elsewhere. Instead, it goes right back to real estate agent who referred the client to us.

An important thing we do is to keep the referring agent in the loop as to what’s going on with the client’s property. Agents need to understand how the tenancy is going, and we’ll know first if the property owner is thinking about selling. We maintain continual communication about the client that was referred to us.

Sometimes, agents like to have control over everything that’s going on with their clients, and they try to take on property management. The value we bring in managing the property professionally can take the burden and liability off their shoulders. Let us do the property management, which is our full-time responsibility and experience.

We generate a lot of business organically and we can be a great source of potential business for a real estate agent. The property owners we work with are always thinking about buying and selling, and we can reach out to the agents who give us business. It’s important that we have competent people taking care of our clients during sales transactions.

Why Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles Work with Metropolitan Property ServicesAnother benefit to working with us is our phenomenal database of vendors. Agents often use us as a resource when they are looking for highly qualified vendors that are specialized in different areas. We are always happy to provide referrals.

If you’re an agent interested in a partnership with us, please contact us at Metropolitan Property Services, and we’d be glad to tell you more about what we do.