Tips to for More Efficient Property Showing

29 Nov Tips to for More Efficient Property Showing

property showing

Be smart and efficient when property showing to find the best tenants. The result will be NOT wasting your time. the tenant’s time or the owner’s money (on unnecessary vacancy loss).

Be sure you have provided as MUCH information, photos, videos, maps, etc in the advertising and marketing campaign.

Don’t waste a prospective tenant’s time by asking him/her to “call for further info.” Give them all they need to know BEFORE you set an appointment or open a front door.

If the listing agent is working smart, the tenant is already familiar with the property details before you speak to them.

When you receive a request to show the property take the time to double-check with the prospective tenant to ensure they have reviewed the data posted on-line about amenities, neighborhood, pricing and tenant qualifications.

Conduct a phone interview when setting the showing appointment. Ask questions like: how many adults and children are seeking occupancy? If you are marketing a two bedroom condo, would it be wise to rent to two adults, three children and a dog? You might also be suspicious if two adults want to rent a 5 bedroom home.

Once the appointment is set and the showing is arranged, the real interview can begin.

There is nothing like a face-to-face meeting to help you get a sense of the prospective tenant. Be aware of the verbal and non-verbal messages being communicated. As in most other sales presentations spend twice as much time listening (and taking notes) as speaking. Solicit honest feedback to help overcome objections that might be raised. Be prepared to engage and encourage qualified tenants to move forward quickly if the property meets their requirements. Make sure your application and review process is quick and efficient.

At MPS we make it easy for prospective tenants to have and gather as much information as possible on-line (where almost 90% of tenants in major metropolitan markets look first). Our application and review process can be completed same day in most cases. Document execution is a paperless transaction at MPS.

If we do our homework correctly, we don’t waste our time or the tenant’s time by showing the wrong property to the wrong people.