The Importance of Great Service Vendors

17 Feb The Importance of Great Service Vendors

service vendors

An important part of the professional property management industry is the maintenance and repair of owner’s properties. From small routine maintenance issues to large renovations and emergency repairs, MPS can handle all aspects of property maintenance so that homeowners and property owners don’t have to worry about these issues.

Metro Property Services relies on the experience and expertise of many third party service vendors to maintain and repair owner properties. These service vendors are the “face” of MPS. Not only must they be properly vetted and selected, but also supervised and treated with respect.

Working with service vendors in professional property management can be broken down into a few steps. First, the selection process. This is when we carefully vet our vendors. MPS not only checks and double checks references but we also inspect the work vendors have done previously. We leave no stone un-turned seeking past clients and making sure they were satisfied with vendor work.

At this time, we also ensure that vendors are qualified for the job at hand. We determine that they are licensed (where appropriate) and are properly insured to meet our professional standards.

For major repairs and renovation, MPS uses industry standards to define scope of work; the specification (spec) is sent to all qualified vendors for bidding. Selection is based on the best quality/value result.

The next important step in the process is supervision. This begins by taking time to see that all work is properly described. Work orders confirming the work scope must be sent to each service vendor. After work is completed, we determine whether it was satisfactory or not. Confirmation of this from the MPS field staff and/or the tenant must be received prior to payment.

With the issue of payment comes the notion of cost vs. value. Metro Property Services is a professional property management company that provides quality vendors at a reasonable cost. Cost is one element that comes into play when selecting vendors, but it also has to do with quality and not should be based on where the property needing the work done is located.

There is a common misconception that vendors charge more if they work in the more exclusive areas like the Westside, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A good vendor does it right the first time and guarantees the work. For that they are entitled to fair compensation, not based on a “location adjustment”.

To property owners or homeowners, this process might seem complicated. But to professionals like our team at MPS, it’s what we do best. Let us provide you with professional property management services so you don’t have to worry about the daily operations of your property. We can put your mind at rest and keep your property in tip-top shape. Contact us for details at 310-220-4495 or visit us online.