Rules about Holiday Decorations for Tenants

29 Mar Rules about Holiday Decorations for Tenants

rules about holiday decorations for tenants

As a tenant, you can expect guidelines and rules about what you can and cannot do to the property you are renting. This is a timely topic during this time of year because it can apply to holiday decorations. Many homeowners associations and neighborhood organizations have rules about what types of decorations are permitted, regardless of whether the dwellers are owners or renters.

It is important to have a full understanding of what is expected and what is not permitted when it comes to decorating for the holidays. This can apply to topics such as outdoor holiday lights on the house or property as well as lights on outdoor trees or shrubs. If lights are permitted, there may be restrictions about which types are allowed (i.e. colors, flashing, etc.). There is also a good chance that tenants will be restricted to keep lights in a particular area or only on certain trees in the yard.

If the property has a balcony that overlooks a common space, this could also raise the issue of choosing holiday decorations that flow with the rest of the tenants and maintain the integrity of the property.

If outdoor wreaths or garlands are acceptable, there are more than likely approved ways to hang and/or adhere them and restrictions on where they cannot be hung. Some neighborhood associations have regulations about the number of wreaths that can be installed as well as how mailboxes can be decorated.

Some folks choose to decorate to the hilt for the holidays, but many of the popular inflatable holiday decorations as well as large plastic figures that light up are not approved by homeowner associations. Tenants and homeowners will want to find out exactly what is acceptable before investing a great deal of money and time in decorations that will just have to be removed.

This is just one of the issues that can affect tenants who are renting properties under the jurisdiction of HOA. Here at Metro Property Services, we offer professional property management services that include handling these sorts of issues. Don’t be caught unaware this holiday season.

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