How to be a Good Tenant

30 Apr How to be a Good Tenant

Professional property management involves not only working closely with property and homeowners, but also with prospective and current tenants. Here at Metro Property Services, one of our founding principles is treating our clients with respect, whether they are on the owner or the tenant side of our business.


To create a good owner/tenant relationship, we strive to keep tenants informed about all pertinent aspects of property management and this pays off for everyone involved. If you’re a potential tenant, there are several things you should find out before entering into a leasing arrangement and this post outlines some of those issues (We will offer additional tenant issues with a part 2 follow up to this post).

As always, if you have additional questions, we are happy to speak with you to clarify anything you don’t understand.

First, tenants and prospective tenants should have a complete understanding of what is expected of them. This applies to how they are to conduct themselves as well as the consequences that will occur should they choose to conduct themselves in an unacceptable way. Some property owners request certain times be designated as quiet hours depending on the neighborhood or community where the property is located.

Often, properties are divided into multiple units and this can also play a role in how tenants are expected to behave. As a tenant, you will want to find out just which space is your domain and which is shared. This will help avoid any disputes on down the road.

Another issue that is important for tenants to understand is parking. Maybe this is a designated parking space or lot. It could also mean a driveway or curb spot. You will want to find out exactly where you can park, as well as where your guests may park.

Tenants will also want to discuss garbage removal. Whether the trash is picked up at the curb or there is a trash facility on-site, tenants should find out just how everything works. There may be options for recycling as well so this is another good topic to inquire about when you are going through the rental process.

Most landlords will not want changes made to their properties, but as a tenant you want your living space to feel like home. Always ask your landlord before making any changes to the property, even if you think it is a necessary change. This includes but is not limited to painting, changing fixtures, landscaping, and window treatments (if they came with the property).

It is just as important to know what is expected regarding outdoor spaces as indoor ones. Some properties have restrictions about barbecues, sporting equipment and children’s toys being stored outside. A well-informed tenant should always ask about these types of things to avoid any issues with his or her landlord.

These are just some of the important issues that tenants should have a complete understanding of. Check back for part two in this series for more topics that affect tenants. If you are a prospective tenant seeking a property or home to rent, we’d love to help! Give us a call today at 310-220-4495 or visit our website at to learn more.