How to be a Good Tenant, part 2

22 Apr How to be a Good Tenant, part 2

We’ve already mentioned several ways to be a good tenant, but this post is part 2 in a series about how renters can have a positive experience and feel more at home while renting a home or property. It is important to foster a good relationship between home and property owners and their tenants and here at Metro Property Services, we strive to make all involved parties feel valued and respected.


One way that tenants can show respect for homeowners is by abiding by any rules and guidelines that homeowners have specified. This will only help to create mutual respect and ensure a long-term tenant/owner relationship.

Plumbing is one issue that tenants need to take into consideration when renting. Homeowners will often indicate that certain things should not be poured in drains or put into garbage disposals. This could have to do with the age of the property or the type of plumbing that is installed. Plumbing fixtures should always be used only for their intended purposes and tenants should be aware that if repairs are needed due to anything besides standard use, they may incur additional charges.

If the property or home comes with a washer/dryer, this is another area where tenants will want to have a full understanding of what is expected of them. Different models of washing machines require a variety of detergents so this is important to ask about when renting a property that comes equipped with a washer/dryer. It is also common that tenants be asked not to wash rugs, floor coverings and other similar items as this can contribute to additional wear and tear on the machines. Finally, tenants are usually prohibited from using the homeowner owned washing machines to dye fabric or clothing as this can also affect the life of the appliances.

Another important issue to discuss in any good tenant/homeowner relationship is pets. If pets are allowed, there are most likely restrictions and guidelines about what type and size of pet tenants may have. A good tenant will keep any communal space or yard free of animal waste and also be aware of noise from pets that might disturb other nearby renters. If pets are not allowed, tenants will want to determine whether or not an occasional pet-sitting situation would be permitted.

The issue of guests is another crucial point for tenants to ask about when renting a property or home. There may be certain restrictions about how frequently tenants may have guests and how many days a guest can stay. If you are planning to have houseguests for longer than a week, it is a good idea to run this by your landlord so that he/she will be aware of the situation. We already touched on the issue of guest parking in part 1 of this series.

As a tenant, you should be able to expect your rented property to be maintained. It is important to report any maintenance issues immediately. Prior to moving in and signing a tenant agreement, you should definitely ask questions about how this process should go and how you can expect emergency and non-emergency repairs to be handled. Of course if you, as a tenant, cause the damage, you may be held responsible for footing the bill.

Finally, after living in a rented property or home for a time, you will most likely move out at some point. Tenants should understand what is to be expected of them upon moving out and what conditions are acceptable for the property to be left in. You will want to determine whether paint should be returned to its original color and if nail holes are to be patched. All personal belongings and other effects should be removed and the property should be cleaned thoroughly. If there are issues that affect the property, they could keep tenants from getting their security deposits back. This is why it is important for tenants to ask plenty of questions to have a complete understanding of what is expected of them.

Here at Metro Property Services, we help to create good working relationships between tenants and homeowners, but it is important for all parties to do their part to foster the mutual respect needed to have a positive experience. Whether you are a prospective tenant or property owner, our professional property management team can help walk you through the process to make it seamless and stress-free.

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