Honoring the Broker & Client Relationship

21 Mar Honoring the Broker & Client Relationship

When you think about professional property management, homeowners and tenants probably come to mind. You might also think we deal with HOA managers and members of the HOA board. But did you know that Metro Property Services also serves the needs of brokers?Honoring the broker client relationship

Often brokers are caught in a tricky situation when the timing isn’t right and their clients aren’t ready to sell their homes or property. Instead of having to pay to market to clients, brokers can have clients pay them while they wait to sell the home or property.

With our services, brokers can now serve 100 percent of the real estate marketplace. This means that brokers can now handle tenants and investors, in addition to their previous clients of buyers and sellers.

We work with brokers whose clients are looking to lease their homes or property while waiting to sell and we offer a couple of different options. One option we provide is for a broker to fill out and submit an Agent Referral Form. Our team here at MPS takes care of the contracts and the broker presents them to his or her client for signatures. This results in the broker being paid $500 when we rent the property.

The biggest benefit to brokers who decide to employ our services is that their clients are safeguarded while they are at Metro Property Services. Our company honors the relationship between brokers and clients. Using the latest technology in leasing and management industry specific software, we maintain complete records of every referral. Brokers are listed in our software system as “site managers” so that when the client is ready to buy or sell, we can track where the referral originated. Then we place the client back into the hands of the broker for home or property selling or buying.

If you are a broker who would like to learn more about the services we offer, please feel free to get in touch! Give us a call at 310-220-4495 or visit us online.