Getting the Right Person for Rental Home Maintenance

09 Feb Getting the Right Person for Rental Home Maintenance

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In any industry, it’s important to find the most qualified individuals who can do the job at hand. This is the same for professional property management, especially when it comes to finding service vendors to do rental home maintenance for property owners or homeowners.

We’ve already mentioned the process that takes place when we select and supervise service vendors, but today’s post focuses on the importance of finding the right person for the job.

Qualified “handymen” can be used for a variety of small semi-skilled jobs but care must be taken so that the vendor is not over-extended beyond his/her skill level. Jobs involving tradesmen, like plumbing and electrical should be done by properly trained and licensed technicians.

What constitutes a license? Vendor licenses need to be checked against state Contractor’s Board license database. Care must be taken to ensure that the license for Joe’s Plumbing is issued to the real “Joe” or to someone authorized to act on his behalf. It is important to know the various license classifications to determine if the vendor is properly trained for the job.

Another issue of utmost importance is insurance. We verify that every vendor has at least the minimum amount of professional liability insurance. If they have ANY helpers or apprentices they must also have Worker’s Compensation insurance coverage.

Certificates of insurance must be issued from each vendor annually naming the property owner and/or agent as additionally insured. Following the license topic be sure that if you are hiring Joe’s Plumbing that the certificates of insurance are issued to Joe’s Plumbing or his legally appointed representative. Get proof of dba filings.

And you thought the hardest part was finding the number and calling a plumber! Here at Metropolitan Leasing and Management, we possess the knowledge and experience it takes to select and work with service vendors so that your home is maintained properly and efficiently.

It’s all about getting the right person for the job. And the right person for the job of managing your property is Metropolitan Leasing and Management! Give us a call at (310) 220-4495 or visit our website to learn more about  us. We are always happy to consult, free of charge to offer you advice about how to proceed with your home or property.