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Why You Need a Professional Property Manager

If you have reached this point, and you are still not convinced that Metropolitan Property Services is your best professional property management solution, please consider the following list of pitfalls that many do-it-yourself landlords fall into.

  • Not running your rentals like a business.
  • Not fully screening applicants.
  • Not reviewing State landlord/tenant laws.
  • Failing to have a written agreement.
  • Hiring the wrong contractors, repair vendors and not properly supervising them.
  • Not enforcing late rent policies.
  • Not inspecting your property on a regular basis.
  • Entering a property without proper reason or notice.
  • Not using the advice of an eviction attorney when dealing with a non-paying tenant.
  • Not setting rents to reflect current market rates.
  • Not communicating regularly with your tenants.
  • Poor record keeping.
  • Not regularly inspecting and maintaining the property.
  • Not properly handling deposit refunds.

Credit Checks and Contracts

The details of renting out your property, can be tremendously overwhelming and the list of questions on your mind can seem endless.

How am I going to advertise my home for rent? How am I going to show my home? How am I going to qualify the tenants? What notices am I legally required to give my tenants? How will I arrange for repairs? Who will handle emergency repair calls? What if my tenant stops paying rent?

As a professional property management company, Metropolitan Property Services (MPS) is your answer to these questions and more. At MPS we pride ourselves on offering the utmost in care in providing you with the following management services:

  • Market your home on the Internet, in print ads, on flyers, on the MLS, through our broker network, etc.
  • Show your property to prospective, pre-qualified, tenants.
  • Screen applicants for credit, income, employment verification,and criminal history.
  • Prepare lease agreement and provide legally required addenda and notices.
  • Collect and hold security deposits in our trust account.
  • Conduct move-in/move-out inspections.
  • Collect rent and distribute net proceeds electronically to owner.
  • Distribute legal notices such as 3-day and rules violation notices.
  • Engage and supervise maintenance people and contractors.
  • Maintain and improve your property
  • And, when your tenant does eventually decide to leave, we can start the whole process over again for you.

Property Preparation Checklist

Preparing Your Home For Rental

Getting your rental home ready for tenant move-in can be a tricky process. The Metropolitan Property Services team has assembled a handy list of items that we recommend owners address before handing over possession of a rental property for new tenants. This checklist will ensure that your tenant is moving into a properly prepared home and in the long run save you time and money on costly repairs.

  • Ensure each bedroom and each common hallway has a smoke detector and new batteries, in accordance with California Law.
  • Ensure each common hallway outside bedroom areas has a carbon monoxide detector with new batteries, in accordance with California Law.
  • Water Heater is braced and strapped, in accordance with California law.
  • Fill nail holes, touch up or repaint walls, ceilings and baseboards. Neutral color is recommended.
  • Doorstops are on all doors.
  • Change any burnt out light bulbs.
  • If applicable, ensure that all remotes controllers are left at the property and in working condition.
  • Kitchen appliances including garbage disposal operational.
  • HVAC system serviced and a new air filter installed.
  • All windows open and close properly, have operational locks and no cracked glass.
  • All window treatments are operational.
  • All doors that have locks are operational.
  • Screens (with no tears) on all windows and sliding doors.
  • Sink stops and bath stops are functional.
  • Maid Service – thorough move out clean not just basic maid clean.
  • Carpet Cleaning Service – including pet treatment if prior pets in the home.
  • All keys for the property are in possession of Metropolitan Property Services.
  • All vendor contact information and day of service has been provided to Metropolitan Property Services.
  • All utility, cable and phone provider account numbers and contact information has been provided to Metropolitan Property Services.
  • If applicable, mailbox number and carport or parking space number(s) have been provided to Metropolitan Property Services.
  • If applicable, home warranty information provided to Metropolitan Property Services.
  • Remove ALL personal belongings from the house with the exception of those items that belong with the house (e.g. touch-up paint, spare tile, etc.).

The Importance of the Multiple Listing Service

At Metropolitan Property Services, we have found the Multiple List Service (MLS) to be an useful tool to assist in renting out your property. The MLS you used when purchasing your home, is the same MLS we use when leasing your home.

Your entry into the MLS will open up the ability for realtors to find and recommend your property to their clients. In addition, the largest real estate websites pull their inventory from the MLS. Your inclusion in the MLS will allow prospective tenants to find your property.

Our experience has shown that the number one obstacle to profitability is the vacancy rate. We may recommend that you use the MLS when marketing your properties to get them rented faster.

Fees charged for this service average 3% of the total year’s lease amount. For example, if your home rented for $5,000/month, by representation from another agent, your MLS fee would be $1,800. That’s only about 1⁄3 of one month’s rent. If utilizing the MLS can get your home rented out just 2-weeks sooner, the service pays for itself and puts money in your pocket.

And, most importantly, this fee is only payable if another agent rents out your property. If Metropolitan Property Services leases your property, you do not have to pay the MLS fee.